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ARD & ZDF go to Xtremes for Euro2016

German broadcasters ARD & ZDF used the latest Egripment Xtreme T10 Encoded telescopic crane as part of their augmented reality presentation in daily live broadcasts from UEFA Euro2016 in Paris.

The crane delivered real-time tracking data in combination with the Vizrt Render Engines provided and operated by deltatre.

The T10 was rented from Egripment, which also provided a calibration service and on-site operation, and the tracking system provided crane data, as well as lens information and deformation data.

The tracking protocol provided redundancy for the Datastream in case of a render engine failure, allowing seamless switchover to the back-up system, as all data is delivered as fully processed protocol to available engines within the network.

The Egripment Xtreme T10 uses mechanical tracking, operating independently from any visual targeting, meaning its operation is identical to normal crane operation. It has a maximum arm reach of 7.5m, enabling it to reach almost every spot in the studio, with a minimal footprint.

Its carbon fibre design offers extra stability for less weight. For Euro2016 it was equipped with an additional encoder package with tracking interface as well as Egripmentā€™s 306 Encoded Remote Head.