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Arctic Palm: Leveraging new revenue opps

CSNetSched is a new module for clients of Arctic Palm’s SpotCaster, providing networks with the ability to target national sponsor messages into affiliate stations to be added to the metadata displays based on the demographics of stations running the company’s Center Stage Live datacasting software. The automated process requires no intervention by the affiliate, says Arctic Palm, and provides non-traditional revenue opportunities for both the network and the affiliate.

Using the new CSNetSched module, the sponsor messages are scheduled and uploaded to the network’s site. A special module running at the local station will automatically download and insert the message into the station’s datacasting system. When the message is posted to the datacasting service, it will be logged and, using the Inovonics 633 FM RDS/Decoder, the event will be verified as broadcast. At the end of the broadcast day, the “as run” will automatically be uploaded to the network site for affidavit processing. Since uploads, downloads and message insertion are automatically processed by Arctic Palm’s software, the company says that there are no manual processes required at the local station.