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Alphatron: EVF gets anamorphic de-squeeze treatment

Alphatron’s EVF has been upgraded with new firmware (V0.66) that allows it to do an anamorphic de-squeeze so that it can be used with anamorphic lenses.

The new setting de-squeezes the anamorphic image, to make the image appear normal in the electronic viewfinder, and allows the operator to select three de-squeeze modes: 1.3x, 1.5x and 2x.

Also new is the option to view images pixel-to-pixel just by hitting a function key rather than having to scroll through all the options.

The EVF has both HDMI and HD-SDI input, with loop through, and such functions as waveform and vectorscope.

To complement the EVF, there is the new Alphatron Electronic View Finder ENG Bracket, which mounts the EVF to ENG style shoulder-mount cameras. The lightweight aluminium bracket includes a detachable universal shock mount microphone holder, and has an adjustable friction head.