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FIFA Excellence on the ball

Niclas Ericson, director of FIFA TV, had two clear shots at goal last night, taking home not one but two trophies. For the innovations at this year’s World Cup, FIFA took the Judges’ Prize, and for continuing efforts to bring the best possible coverage to the widest possible audience, it won IBC’s highest award, the International Honour for Excellence.

For the Judges’ Prize, the stage became a very crowded place as representatives of 14 partner organisations crowded on. They included FIFA’s host broadcast organisation HBS, along with vendors Sony, NHK, Telegenic, EVS, Deltatre, Eutelsat, TV Globo, Eurovision, Netco Sports, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Boxframe, Dolby and Fujinon.

Receiving this award, Ericson said “The global football audience is always hungry for more – more cameras, more detail, more replays and more analysis. In Brazil this year we worked together with our partners to provide more engaging multi-platform content and to develop the language to cover football in high resolution formats. It was an exhilarating team effort, and I am proud to recognise all those who contributed.”

The International Honour for Excellence recognised FIFA’s long-term commitment to coverage that is not just excellent but also consistent – wherever in the world you watch a FIFA event you will see exactly the same high quality pictures.

New services are also added to maintain engagement. This year, for instance, each game was covered with 34 HD cameras, many of which were available as alternative views on tablet apps. 4K, 8K, 360˚ immersive video and high frame rate capture were also on the Brazil menu.

Accepting the International Honour for Excellence, Ericson said “our deepest thanks go to IBC for this honour and recognition. We look forward to continuing this pioneering work with the broadcast industry as we offer the unique platform of the FIFA World Cup to help drive technology forward.”

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