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10,000nit display dazzles in the Future Zone

High dynamic range is all the rage but visitors to the Future Zone are witnessing HDR of the future. TrueHDR is showing a 10,000nit HDR display, claimed to be the first ever shown, anywhere.

“There is growing evidence that the HDR video codecs being considered and adopted by the manufacturers and standards bodies, such as Perceptual Quantisation (PQ) in the SMPTE ST.2084 standard and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) in ARIB STD-B67, are not the best,” contended Professor Alan Chalmers for TrueDR.

The exhibit comprises HDR video content played side-by-side on a prototype 10,000nit display from Italian partner company SIM2 and a consumer Samsung HDR display.

A novel HDR video player developed by TrueDR shows the content using a range of HDR formats, including PQ, HLG and the new Power Transfer Function (PTF) which Chalmers claimed is able to fully exploit the potential of future HDR technologies.