Pay-TV gives viewers "too many options"

At least half of viewers look for new content once a week
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Pay-TV viewers are being "paralysed" by the proliferation of content available to them according to a new report from PwC.

At least half of consumers (55 per cent) look for a new content to watch at least once per week, and 83 per cent look for it a few times per month, per PwC's new content discovery report.

Some 62 per cent of viewers find it a “struggle” to discover something to watch, says the report, with 20 per cent "rewatching something they have already seen" after a few minutes searching.

The report also found that streaming services are perceived as being better at helping viewers navigate their way around content - 79 per cent of all consumers, including pay-TV subscribers, and 90 per cent of those under 30 agree that streaming services play a huge role in finding new TV programming/video.

Only 25 per cent of all TV viewers are driven to watch shows because of the “fear of missing out or being left out of the discussion.”

"Utilisation of metadata and machine learning along with AI are crucial to maximising returns on all of this investment in content," said Greg Boyer, US media and entertainment sector advisory leader at PwC.

"User retention should grow as a recommendation becomes more intelligent and search function becomes more refined."