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Nine per cent of French population use SVoD every day

Up 61 per cent on 2018

In France, nine per cent of the population use an SVoD service daily, according to Médiamétrie.

The Global SVoD study found that 5.5 million French people aged four years and older use an SVoD service every day, up 61 per cent on last year.

The report also suggested that the average SVoD user is 34 and tech-savvy; more likely to own a gaming console, an HDMI TV dongle or a smart TV. Furthermore, one in every two millennials used an SVoD service in 2018.

Médiamétrie revealed that six out of 10 SVoD users access their platform every day. TV was found to be the main screen used to access SVoD platforms, but 75 per cent of users also use another screen; a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Marine Boulanger, manager of the film and entertainment department at Médiamétrie, said: “Today, nearly nine out of 10 French people know at least one SVoD service.

“This high awareness is due to a multitude of factors including word of mouth, the multiplication of platforms and the strong communication around original or exclusive content.”