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Gen Z “more willing to pay” for content

Found to prefer personalised and complementary content

Gen Z viewers are more willing to pay for high-quality content than older generations, according to a new study on the consumption of the Bundesliga by the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management.

The Future Study Bundesliga Consumption study found that 10-22-year-olds are less likely to watch an entire football match but favour personalised and complementary content, such as in-match clips and prepared match data.

Linear television was shown to be an important medium for Gen Z, with 80 per cent watching Bundesliga matches on a TV set. Consumption via computers and smartphones is also increasing in this age group, while 38 per cent said they would consider watching a match in VR.

“The latest figures show that Gen Z is very interested in what is happening in the Bundesliga,” said Prof. Sascha L. Schmidt, the head of the study at WHU. “At four-and-a-half hours, it is the age group with the highest average Bundesliga consumption per matchday. At the same time, there are new trends in media use that will result in changes in broadcast formats and the creation of additional content.”