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Friends still there for advertisers

"A major performance driver at a bargain price"

Despite having ended 15 years ago, Friends remains “an economical powerhouse” according to new advertising research from TVSquared.

The report found that although The Big Bang Theory gets three times the average audience exposure per advert, Friends is the sitcom that drives the most immediate viewer response, scoring a 34 per cent higher response-per-spot rate than How I Met Your Mother and 80 per cent higher than Mike & Molly.

Friends beat every other sitcom in upper-funnel KPIs, most notably completed orders, where How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men were over 100 per cent more expensive. In the UK, an ad spot running during Friends costs 441 per cent less than The Big Bang Theory.

“While you don’t get the biggest audience with Friends, you get a major performance driver at a bargain price,” TVSquared concluded.