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KSI and Logan Paul step into the ring with DAZN

Previous clash was watched by over one million people on YouTube

DAZN has announced it will live stream the boxing rematch between YouTube rivals KSI and Logan Paul, taking place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on 9th November.

The pair previously clashed in August 2018 at Manchester Arena, an event watched by over 1 million people on YouTube which ended in a draw.

KSI’s manager Liam Chivers said: “It’s an incredible and groundbreaking deal for the fighters and also DAZN. The deal will cover global rights, distribution, promotion and appearance commitments for the fight.

“A no-risk, high-budget, secure platform deal had to be achieved. I wasn’t going to risk broadcast on an unstable or unsupportive platform and have cost and piracy risk put on KSI. So, spending 10 months working to get the broadcaster and rights terms in place first was essential.

“I spoke to the world’s leading platforms and top sporting broadcasters regarding the fight and what deals were possible. But after many meetings and discussions, the DAZN subscription model was clearly the best option of all and the one I therefore pursued the hardest. Subscribers to DAZN not only get this fight brought to them but an array of other great sporting events and pro fights in the same month for no additional fee. The value to fans isn’t matched anywhere else,” he added.