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Move AI takes next step with motion capture

Natural human movement is extracted from video, removing the need for mo-cap suits

Move AI has launched its Move Live markerless motion capture solution

Move Live has expanded its product suite with Move AI, aimed at enabling users to create real-time 3D digital experiences in virtual production, broadcast TV and more. Generating 3D motion data from video, the solution eliminates the need for mo-cap suits, said the company.

Utilising AI-driven Move Engine post processing with computer vision, biomechanics and physics models, natural human motion is extracted from video, with the data automatically retargeted to a character rig to create a virtual character that can mirror human movement in real-time.

On prem and hardware agnostic, Move Live captures subjects in a 10x10m volume space with 4-8 cameras and delivers less than 100ms latency. The solution features Unreal Engine 5 Plug-in.

Brian Bosche, Move AI’s VP of marketing and revenue, said, “People are engaging in 3D digital experiences more than ever before, but current 3D workflows are notoriously time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. Move Live enables studios and brands to create more engaging digital experiences and accelerate the 3D animation process.”