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VMI launches new specialist recording media service

VMI has launched VMEDIA, specialising solely in renting recording media.

VMEDIA’s media inventory is claimed to be extensive, and includes high-capacity 1TB and 500GB cards.

“VMI tailors camera kits for rent from over 250 lines of equipment and no two client requirements are the same,” commented Barry Bassett, managing director, VMI.

“But what every job has in common is the requirement for memory cards. As people embrace higher quality with 4K the media demands are significantly higher than they used to be. That’s why we have elected to create a new company with a new website and unique service characteristics.”

“Given the dynamic use of media, where a big production may suddenly need a very generous quantity and everyone is under pressure to meet deadlines, it has been difficult for kit hire companies to satisfy demand since it is hard to judge exactly where and when the need will fall.”