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TVoD platform offers users a refund if they don’t like the film

Users can claim their money back in the first ten minutes

A new TVoD service is allowing users to claim a refund if they don’t like the film they’ve picked.

MovieSaints, which is available in the US and India, charges around $4.99 per film and allows users to claim a full refund in the first ten minutes of watching a film.

If the user does watch beyond the first ten minutes, they pay a non-refundable platform fee of $1.99, but can decide over the next 24 hours if they want a partial refund, pay full price or pay above the requested fee.

Whatever viewers pay above the platform fee goes back to the filmmakers or distributors and sales agents.

“We understand that buying an independent film online is a risk in terms of both time and money for the viewer,” said MovieSaints CEO Priyadarshi Rishiraj. “So we wanted to create a platform that reduces risk for the viewer, at the same time as making money for the filmmaker.”

Users are also able to track upcoming films through their festival career and release schedule worldwide; and the site also has a feedback board for viewers to interact with cast and crew.