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TVBEurope November/December 2021 issue released

The final issue of 2021 takes a look at everything from deepfake to film and TV restoration and the metaverse

The latest issue of TVBEurope is now available, with a behind the scenes of a forthcoming documentary about Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson.

The film, which will be released by BritBox in April, is using deepfake technology to enable Anderson to tell his own story on screen.

Also in this issue, Rise managing director Carrie Wootten discusses why the media technology industry needs to support its female leaders.

Kevin Hilton looks at the small but mighty market for film and TV restoration technology and expertise.

Jenny Priestley goes inside The Colour Room in chat with the film’s director of photography, Denson Baker.

There’s also part two of our look at the rise of virtual production, including Mo-Sys founder Michael Geissler on how the technology has taken a huge leap forward.

Adam Vahed, described as the most interesting man in VR and AR, explains the impact the metaverse will have on the media industry.

And, this issue features a special report by Tedial on interoperable digital media ecosystems.