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The Switch, MTI Teleport partner to extend reach

Offers US customers of The Switch access to live Bundesliga matches

The Switch has partnered with German media backbone operator MTI Teleport to extend the global reach of both companies’ transmission networks.

The move is said to make it more cost-effective for customers of the Switch and MTI to acquire live feeds and distribute content seamlessly via a reliable, extensive international network.

MTI will be able to offer German broadcasters access to The Switch’s entire global network, while TV networks, streaming services and content producers using The Switch will be able to cover live events from European MTI sites.

This means US customers of The Switch can watch live Bundesliga matches and MTI clients will be have access to the NFL and NBA.

The Switch president and CEO Eric Cooney said: “Partnering with MTI Teleport is an important step in our international expansion strategy. It will enable us to help our customers continue to meet the growing global demand for live sports and event coverage, from any location.”

MTI Teleport CEO Ludwig Schaeffler added: “We are always looking for ways to enhance our network reach and connectivity to deliver more events and the best possible media experiences for our clients.

“By partnering with The Switch, we are greatly extending our ability to do that and bringing significant value to our customers, and we hope to help The Switch do the same for its customers.”