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Telestream CEO issues call to arms; Zixi and Telstra find their Zen; ZOO Digital and Whip Media partner

TVBEurope rounds up the latest product and tech news from around the market, featuring Telestream, Zixi and Telstra, ZOO Digital and Whip Media Group, and Iatakoo

Telstream CEO issues ‘call to arms’ to restructure working practices 

Dan Castles, Telestream’s CEO, has highlighted the “unprecedented growth” of the company’s Wirecast live production and streaming platform to issue a call to arms to organisations that are looking to restructure their working practices as a result of the global pandemic.

Castles stated, “I believe that two impacts will be felt long term. This pandemic has shown organisations they need to have disaster recovery and remote operations capabilities. Many have learned by now that they did not have this in place. So, I see a continued emphasis on getting these operations more secure in case this ever happens again,” he said.

“Also, worldwide, massive numbers of staff are learning how to work from home. In the future there will be a balance and more people are open to including remote work in the mix. Based on Telestream’s experience, we believe remote working will be a more common practice: this will be one of the lasting impacts of Covid-19.

“In general, I think the digital media community will be stronger than ever,” he concluded. “The need for visual content and live content has not gone away: we just need to acquire new skill sets when working remotely. Nothing from Covid-19 has changed the underpinnings of our industry and frankly, I think it has managed to remind everyone how important this industry is, especially during a crisis like this.”

Zixi and Telstra find their ZEN

Zixi has announced a partnership with Telstra Broadcast Services that will see its ZEN Master control plane distribute high-quality video content over IP to Telstra’s Global Media Network (GMN).

The partnership will enable Telstra GMN to “connect on-network media rights holders to off-network media buyers by transporting high-quality linear video using cloud infrastructure in a highly secure manner via content networks”. The company also stated that the new service expands the Telstra GMN to broadcasters in locations where fibre or satellite is not available for news and entertainment broadcasters, sports and esports leagues.

“Working with Zixi on strengthening our offering across the Telstra GMN and our partner alliance allows us to confidently deliver live video with proven resiliency and true end-to-end network diversity,” said Andreas Eriksson, head of Telstra Broadcast Services. “We are looking forward to working with Zixi and leveraging the benefits of ZEN Master to manage, monitor and elevate the Telstra GMN services in Broadcast Operations and Master Control Rooms across the globe.”

John Wastcoat, SVP alliances and marketing, Zixi, added, “By standardizing on Zixi, Telstra can now offer broadcast quality to any location with reliable internet connectivity in a flexible, economical and easy-to-use option. Together we enable global media companies to source and distribute 24/7 live and live linear channels and events securely and at scale.”

ZOO Digital and Whip Media Group enter supply chain deal

Whip Media Group and cloud-based dubbing, subtitling, localisation and distribution services provider ZOO Digital have entered into a strategic supply chain partnership, the companies have announced.

“As the amount of streaming content available has grown and spread to more global markets, so has the need for multilingual subtitle and dubbing services to bring TV shows and movies to audiences in more languages faster,” said Cory Sher, VP of global sales and business development, Whip Media Group. “We’re thrilled to partner with ZOO Digital and provide to our clients the ability to more efficiently localise their new and catalogue content and grow their audiences worldwide.”

The agreement will see ZOO Digital integrate with the Whip Media Group’s content value management (CVM) platform to provide subtitling and dubbing services to international clients as they licence their content. The CVM platform “enables media companies and MVPD operators to seamlessly and quickly add best-in-class content delivery vendors.”

New Dailies workflow service unveiled

Iatakoo has launched a new DAILIES tool to help production companies rapidly ingest video files from shoot locations to the Iatakoo cloud for post editing. The company says the tool brings both time and cost savings and has been optimised for teams using Avid Media Composer, “creating a more rapid transfer of video files into Avid edit bins and saving precious post-production time for deadline work”.

“Production companies can save several days’ time by using latakoo DAILIES’ automated video workflow because it removes many onerous tasks, like driving or shipping a hard drive filled with the day’s video back to the post house for manual ingest,” said Paul Adrian, CEO of latakoo.

 “We shortcut a long process by creating a proxy file on location and delivering it that same day through the internet to the post house where latakoo atomises the video for use in Avid Media Composer. latakoo also creates Avid’s AAF files to deliver the accompanying metadata within minutes or seconds of the original transfer to our cloud.”