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Online giants biding time over Premier League deal

Two rights packages remain up for grabs

Speculation around a possible Premier League rights deal for online giants Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Netflix continues after the English top tier sold only five of its seven packages to Sky and BT yesterday.

Sky and BT Sport have agreed to pay £4.464 billion for Premier League football games for three seasons from the 2019/20 season.

According to the Premier League, interest from “multiple bidders” remains. 

As it stands, Sky and BT could give the Premier League its first pay-cut since the competition first began in 1992, having paid a record £5.136 billion in the most recent auction in 2015. 

The matches that remain up for grabs are for midweek and bank holiday fixtures.

Sky Sports is to broadcast 128 games per season, and while it is paying less, it stated it will show more matches than ever before. 

BT Sport, meanwhile, has won the rights to 32 games per season – ten less than the previous deal.