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A new kind of OTT revolution

Pay-TV providers and MSOs are well used to hearing about new OTT market entrants creating increased competition for audiences. By leveraging incumbent players key assets, Technicolor believes OTT offers incredible opportunities.
At IBC today, Technicolor is showcasing a very different offering in the OTT space with LEA, the company’s OTT software plug-in and user interface combo.

LEA is a user-centric cloud-based software video solution. Built for faster, easier and more scalable deployment into operator’s existing video infrastructure, the plug-in supports high quality video content delivery across multiple devices in the home.

It aggregates all available broadcast, internet, on-demand and user content into a single view, enabling the user to search across the full content selection.

In addition, a powerful recommendations engine provides a fully personalised experience, selecting suggested programmes based on a family profile.

Benoit Joly, SVP marketing, connected home, Technicolor, explained, “The LEA plug-in allows operators to quickly offer large amounts of OTT differentiated, premium content and services.”

“We think this will be particularly valuable to new and fast growing operators that are looking for ways to compete aggressively in their markets,” he added.