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New consortium looks at developments in measurement and data

Sky Media, Adobe, TVbeat, Alphonso join forces

Sky, Adobe Systems, TVbeat and Alphonso have formed a new thought leadership consortium that aims to work with the European TV industry to explore future opportunities enabled by new developments in measurement, metrics and data.

The consortium will explore areas such as advanced targeting, audience profiling, viewability and attribution, and advanced analytics.

It will “facilitate an extensive programme of research, dialogue and engagement – exploring the new opportunities and priorities opening up for the industry and working to discuss potential priorities and principles.”

The consortium is being supported and advised by egta, the European trade association for television and radio sales houses, and EACA, the European Association of Communications Agencies.

Launching this month, the consortium will undertake a detailed investigation of new areas of opportunity, and aims to “explore and suggest opportunities” to benefit the industry and advertisers. It will be managed by research and strategy consultancy MTM.

The group will conduct a programme of European industry seminars in March and a report, summarising the Consortium’s conclusions and recommendations, will be published in Q2 2018 and presented to industry stakeholders at key events through the year.