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Netflix’s annual energy consumption “enough to power 40,000 American homes”

"We are working to be as sustainable as we can in our operations"

Netflix has disclosed its total energy consumption of 2019 – 451,000 megawatt-hours, supposedly enough to power around 40,000 average American homes for a year.

The announcement formed part of Netflix’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report. The energy use is divided into two categories: electricity used by the company and power needed to deliver its global streaming service through third parties like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

According to the company, 100 per cent of its estimated direct and indirect non-renewable power use was “matched with renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets in 2019.”

The usage marks an 84 per cent increase over 2018, meaning the company’s energy consumption far outpaced its user growth of 20 per cent.

“Beyond our renewable energy commitments, we are working to be as sustainable as we can in our operations,” said the report, noting Netflix’s adoption of industry-wide production practices relating to energy use as members of the PGA’s Green Production Guide and Albert in the UK.