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MediaTech 360 launches today

Week of affiliated webinars, roundtables, and briefings set for debut

TVBEurope’s inaugural MediaTech 360 begins today.

MediaTech 360 is spearheaded by the centrepiece two-day Summit and also includes a series of affiliated webinars, roundtables, and briefings; the 2017 TVBAwards; and a broadcast pro audio evening, PSNPresents.

The event begins today at 3.30pm with a webinar featuring Olivier Bastard from Cisco and James Stellpflug from EVS.

The Summit (7th and 8th June at Millennium Mayfair, London) will focus on the industry’s pursuit of standardised IP enablement while addressing how disruptive technology and trends are impacting the strategies and business models of all stakeholders in the media and entertainment industry.

NewBay content director James McKeown said: “MediaTech 360 is an independent forum for all components of the industry to come together to try to make sense of the current state of industry affairs, and plot a strategic vision for the future of our market.

“I know I say this on an annual basis, but this year’s agenda really is the most forward-looking we’ve been bold enough to put together, and boasts by far the best speaker line-up we’ve had the privilege of assembling.”

Day One
Following an opening address from Day One chairman Simon Frost, the MediaTech 360 Summit kicks off with our first keynote panel session: ‘The state of the market’.
Talking part in the panel will be; Martyn Whistler, lead analyst, media and entertainment, Ernst & Young; Daniel Toole – executive partner, media and entertainment industry leader Europe, IBM; Jon Watts, managing partner and co-founder , MTM; and Jeremy Bancroft, director, Media Asset Capital.

The quartet will come together to share their research on the broadcast market, offering a window into the state of the current industry and what the facts/trends are telling us about the sector’s evolution. The will explore the technological advance impacting the market, consumer trends and the strategising for the shifting ecosystem, as well as industry consolidation, M&A activity and the influence of expanding entrants to market.

Frost – an industry expert in internet, media and telecoms, said: “The big picture outlook is a vision of a networked society, where globally connected, digital, always-on consumers are ever more fickle and selective in responding to global influential trends. This phenomenon is already a huge challenge for every mature industry to address.

“We are only mid-way through this transformation and have so much to learn from adjacent industries, while discovering those core values of media that have sustained television for over 50 years.

“With a view to addressing much of this disruption; the first day of MediaTech 360 will establish the current state of transformation with a keynote from a prominent broadcaster, hearing their outlook on the industry and the most influential trends they are dealing with.

“I am confident that MediaTech 360 is the natural progression to ensure, as an industry, we share experiences and drive forward positive change.”

Day Two
Chaired by Virtual AI CMO Niall Duffy, Day Two will similarly kick off with a chairman’s introduction, followed by the first panel discussion of the day, ‘Hot or not – top trends through to 2020’.

MTM’s Watts will return to the stage alongside; Peter Sella, associate director, broadcast, DTG; Louise Rice, chief executive,; Tom Griffiths, director of broadcast and distribution technology, ITV; and Neil Berry, vice president & managing director international, Comcast Technology Solutions, to explore innovations and future trends in broadcast operations and technology. The panel will investigate why agile business models should last the course, the impact of connected world technology – such as IoT – as well as cloud and virtualised solutions as they look to ascertain what cloud-based TV will look like.

Duffy said: “The conference’s [previously TVBEurope 2020] heritage has been solidly in the world of broadcast, but the branding of the event marks two key departures from the past: firstly it recognises that the world of media technology and workflow is far greater than just broadcast, and secondly it emphasises new technology, and indeed new forms of consumer technology, is changing the way that we work.

“We are now seeing the second wave of digital transformation – file-based workflows represented the first. This first wave focused on digitising tape-based processes, but in doing so, it kept many analogue procedures and practices in place. The second will push the boundaries on how we work, not just how we move content. That is the context of the second day of the conference. It’s a compelling schedule.”

Further speakers include:
Fabien Allègre, director of merchandising and brand diversification for PSG
Justin Gupta, head of UK broadcast and entertainment, Google
Howard Lukk, director of standards, SMPTE

Register today to take advantage of a full week of insight and networking.