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Media tech companies halt shipments/sales to Russia

Ross Video, Avid and Adobe have released statements in support of the Ukrainian people

A number of media technology companies have announced they will no longer sell or ship equipment to Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, Ross Video said it had stopped shipping its products to Russia and voiced its support for humanitarian relief efforts for Ukraine amid Russia’s unprovoked attack.

“As a company, we rarely comment on geopolitical affairs. However, we are compelled to support the Ukrainian people and their remarkable efforts to defend their homeland,” says David Ross, CEO Ross Video.

“Like hundreds of thousands of other Canadians, I am proud of my Ukrainian heritage. I simply cannot sit idly by while president Putin’s forces attack cities, civilians, and democracy itself.”

Meanwhile, Avid has also ceased all sales and support to customers, users and resellers in Russia and Belarus.

In an open letter of support for Ukraine, Avid’s CEO and president Jeff Rosica said: “Russia’s political leaders have crossed a line by attacking the sovereign nation of Ukraine, which has resulted in harm and disruption to her people, including our Avid colleagues. Much of the world has responded with harsh economic sanctions – and Avid is joining them to apply pressure on the Russian regime. We simply cannot make it easier for Russia’s political leaders, through state-run and state-owned news and media organisations, to spread propaganda and disinformation.

“Last week, we proudly chose to stand with the people of Ukraine,” added Rosica. “We have been assisting our Ukraine colleagues and their families to bring them relief on multiple fronts – and intend to do so until peace returns to Ukraine.

“We urge others in our tight-knit Media & Entertainment industry to also join the international pressure campaign against Russia’s political leaders to stop their aggression immediately.”

Adobe has also confirmed it has halted all sales of its products and services in the country.

“We have been complying with the government sanctions being imposed by the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom to ensure Adobe’s products and services are not being used by prohibited entities,” said Adobe CEO and president, Shantanu, Narayen. “In addition, we are terminating access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud to Russian government-controlled media outlets.”