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LaLiga publishes broadcasting revenue allocations

Ensures fair distribution among clubs

LaLiga has published its broadcasting revenue allocations to its clubs for the 2018/19 season.

In accordance with the Royal Decree Law 5/2015, LaLiga ensures fair distribution of broadcasting revenues among clubs, thereby closing the gap between the highest- and lowest-earning clubs; a ratio now standing at 3:5.1.

The table below shows the distribution of net income from national and international broadcasting agreements among the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank clubs:

In LaLiga Santander, 50 per cent of broadcasting income is distributed equally among the clubs. The other half is divided in two equal parts and allocated based on the following criteria:

  • Sporting results over the past five seasons, weighted in favour of the most recent seasons
  • Social influence, which is calculated in two parts: one-third is calculated based on the club’s average income from season tickets and gate receipts over the past five seasons; the other two-thirds on the club’s contribution to broadcast revenue generation

In LaLiga SmartBank, 70 per cent of broadcasting income is distributed equally among clubs. The other 30 per cent is halved and divided according to:

  • Sporting results in the most recent league season and five previous seasons in the Copa del Rey
  • Social influence, with one-third based on ticket and gate receipts and two-thirds on revenue generation

Clubs allocate a total of 7 per cent of broadcasting incomes each season to the following:

  • Compensation to relegated clubs as detailed above (3.5 per cent)
  • To LaLiga for continued promotion of the competition nationally and internationally (one per cent)
  • To the Spanish football federation (RFEF) for developing amateur football (one per cent)
  • To the higher sports council (CSD) for workers’ rights (one per cent)
  • To the CSD for the development of women’s football, lower-league football and the unions of referees, players and trainers (0.5 per cent)