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ITV chooses Spectra Logic for long-term digital assets archive

Broadcaster to employ two converged storage systems and two tape libraries

ITV has selected two Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage Systems and two Spectra T950 Tape Libraries to protect and preserve the organisation’s digital assets long-term. 

The solution enables ITV to send digital assets to dispersed data centre locations on differing media types, as well as assure the safety and security of their content with a genetically diverse data preservation strategy. 

“Spectra were prepared to share their roadmap with us and we shared our road map with Spectra,” Marcel Mester, senior project manager, ITV, told TVBEurope.

“One of the key things we were looking for within the Spectra infrastructure was high availability, we wanted our users to be able to utilise the archive even if a portion was taken down for maintenance. 

“We do have a 24/7 requirement and people can be pulling things off or pushing things on to the archive at any time of the day. We didn’t want there to be an interruption for the users. Spectra were able to influence their road maps with our requirements.”

“In the past we had significant amounts of disk capacity and we could see it was getting full so we were left with two choices: you either reduce the amount of media that you hold or you expand the disk capacity,” said Marcel.

“We felt we couldn’t justify expanding expensive disk. So rather than expanding the disk we decided to implement the archive products so that material that no longer needs to be on disk can be archived to the proper level on storage on tape.”

The systems will be deployed at two different locations: ITV’s data centre in Greenwich and its building in Leeds.