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Harris gets graphic

Amidst a plethora of announcements, Harris has demonstrated several new Inscriber broadcast graphics systems and workflow solutions to help broadcasters get to air with dynamic graphics.

Amidst a plethora of announcements, Harris has demonstrated several new Inscriber broadcast graphics systems and workflow solutions to help broadcasters get to air with dynamic graphics.

“The broadcast graphics market today is flooded with point products, but Harris is capable of generating an end-to-end graphics workflow that enables customers to meet any on-air graphics requirement,” said Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. “From content creation to content distribution to content playout, Harris has a cost-effective, high-performance solution for each component of the graphics workflow chain.”

Harris has introduced the Inscriber TitleOne XT character generator, which offers an array of standard features at a budget-friendly price. Available as an SD-only or SD/HD-switchable solution, the turnkey TitleOne XT system offers a feature-rich CG, integrated sequencer, animation, video clip support, automation control and much more. Included as standard are Strata Compositing (for multilayer graphics) and Overlay persistent objects (objects remain visible during page changes). These features empower this single-channel system with up to seven virtual channels, giving operators the flexibility of a multichannel workflow without the additional cost.

Also debuting at NAB is the all-new G5 XT production graphics system. Available as a single- or dual-channel CG, the G5 XT offers a new hardware platform and many enhanced features such as standard SD and HD processing, video capture, 3D animation, dedicated processing for each output channel and much more. The G5 XT is the ideal graphics solution for demanding news and sports environments.

The company continues to expand and enhance its graphics workflow model and is demonstrating several new tools that complement the powerful Inscriber Connectus media management tool — providing a true end-to-end graphics workflow solution for any environment. Part of the new Inscriber G-Flow product family of workflow tools, the new G-Flow Titler tool allows for the easy integration of Inscriber graphics, including both 2D and 3D animated titles, into the most popular nonlinear editing suites such as Harris Velocity, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. With G-Flow Titler, one set of graphics is created for both on-air and post production work, eliminating duplication of efforts and saving time.

Direct Control 2, meanwhile, provides operators with a new remote control interface for the powerful line of Inscriber production graphics systems. From a single seat, users can generate playlists of stills, video clips and CG pages; fill text and graphic tags; and control playback on multiple CG systems simultaneously. A simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive controls and operation make CG control a breeze. Direct Control is an ideal solution for users that require powerful control, but lack advanced CG training.

Harris is also demonstrating recently released software packages such as the new G-Scribe 7.0 and Inscriber MOS 7.0, which feature the new RTX NET scripting tool. Visitors to the Harris booth also can see new technology demonstrations including 3D stereoscopic playback, a 3D animated map tool and an integrated ticketing engine.

Visitors to the show can also see a technology preview of the new IP version of the Channel ONE automated graphics channel system. The system enables the display of multiple IP stream inputs in different regions and the output of multiple IP streams of any area of the layout.

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