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Future “looking forward” to exploring partnerships with broadcasters and streaming services

Future's CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne talks to TVBEurope about the company's acquisition of Barcroft Studios

Future PLC’s CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne has told TVBEurope the company’s acquisition of Barcroft Studios opens up a new world of content for the company.

Future, TVBEurope’s parent company, first announced its intention to acquire Barcroft on 15th November in a deal worth £23.5 million.

The deal completed on Saturday as expected.

Speaking to TVBEurope, Byng-Thorne described the acquisition as “terribly exciting.”

“We want Future to be a name that people instantly recognise when it comes to the specialist content they enjoy,” she explained. “With the help of Barcroft Studios, we have the opportunity to amplify the Future brand through an enhanced portfolio of video and connect with an even bigger audience worldwide.

“Barcroft Studios has also built a stellar reputation through its valued partnerships with some of the world’s leading broadcasters and streaming services, such as Netflix, BBC and Channel 4, which we look forward to exploring in more depth.”

Asked if Future will now become a content provider that readers of TVBEurope will follow in terms of output, Byng-Thorne said, “I hope so!”

“At Future we’re devoted to making compelling content across multiple platforms,” she added. “While we’re still best known for our print titles and editorial websites, we now have the chance to create powerful and impactful video with the experts at Barcroft Studios. And what an amazing opportunity this is to work with some of the most talented people in the UK TV industry!

“One of Barcroft Studios’ biggest successes over the past year has been launching brands that disrupt and inspire. We hope to learn from this and to work with the team on boosting our video output across out verticals. Diversifying our portfolio is paramount to our ongoing strategy for success, and I believe this acquisition strengthens our status as a contemporary provider of cutting-edge content.”