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DTG releases new FAST handbook

The FAST Forward handbook has been created to provide guidance on the free ad-supported TV (FAST) environment

The Digital TV Group (DTG) has launched a new industry report, FAST Forward – Your Essential FAST TV Industry Handbook, that provides collaborative guidance from the founder members of the UK FAST Forum on the free ad-supported TV (FAST) environment.

The handbook collates knowledge and expertise from forum members including Google, Ofcom, and Warner Bros Discovery, on all aspects of the end-to-end delivery chain to “provide clear guidance as to what FAST is, the component parts all the way from the content owners to the end devices, the regulatory environment for FAST, and its route to market”.

The DTG said that its FAST Forum “continues to meet and address industry challenges and enablers to identify collaborative industry activities that can support FAST implementation and growth”.

The report can be accessed here.