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farmerswife v.7.0 and new update of Cirkus debut at IBC 2023 after official market launch

farmerswife, a leading software provider for resource scheduling, project management, and team collaboration in the media industry, will be showcasing for the first time, since the official market launch in June, version 7.0 of the farmerswife tool, and the new features of the Cirkus project management solution, at IBC 2023.

First showcased in April at NAB Show in Las Vegas, version 7.0 of the farmerswife scheduling, management and reporting tool has incorporated several new features to make workflow management and collaboration easier, including:

  • Dark mode: For those who are working late at night, in a low-light grading suite, or just want to reduce eye strain, farmerswife v7.0 offers its highly anticipated new dark theme
  • QR Codes: The new “QR Code” element adds an extra layer of information to reports, making it easy for clients or colleagues to quickly access additional details or resources, such as a project overview, a budget breakdown, or a promotional video
  • Sync Mode: The new “Sync Mode” option allows users to control which direction data is synced-  from farmerswife to Cirkus, from Cirkus to farmerswife, or both ways. It can be configured independently for Projects, Bookings, Time Reports and/or Personnel Bookings
  • Advanced Project Search: The latest release takes Project Search to a new level, making it easier for users to find what they need. The dropdown “Filter From” allows users to filter by Container, Project, Binders and Projects & Binders. Users can also “Edit View” or activate the “Load View” option to load a saved view from another user, which is useful for collaboration with remote team members

Cirkus, a cloud-based day-to-day task collaboration tool, also includes new features that improve the process of scheduling, assigning, and managing projects across an organisation and with external contractors. 

The latest Cirkus versions allow you to assign resources to Tasks and see these bookings on the Schedule, also to book our teams using the Roles function.

Project requests and approvals have also been added to channel work and workload more effectively from all stakeholders

farmerswife and Cirkus can work together or as standalone products to address the specific needs of media organisations, with farmerswife providing in-house scheduling, resource management, and financial reporting, and Cirkus sharing information with distributed teams internally and externally.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing our flagship products farmerswife v7.0 and Cirkus for the first time since their official launch in the market at such an important show for the broadcast industry like IBC,” comments farmerswife CEO, Stephen Elliott. “Our end-to-end offering reflects the complex workflows that operate in the modern industry, with teams working on the same projects from different locations and departments, and sometimes with external vendors. Thanks to farmerswife and Cirkus, content creators and their teams can easily work together, no matter how far they are”.

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