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Dowden: Channel 4 could be privatised by 2024

Culture secretary tells DCMS Committee government could sell off broadcaster by end of the current parliament

UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden has told parliament Channel 4 could be sold by the end of the current parliament to “provide a sustainable future for the broadcaster”.

Speaking at a meeting of the DCMS Committee, Dowden again touted the possibility of the broadcaster being sold off by the government.

Asked if Channel 4 could be sold by the end of the current parliament in 2024, Dowden said “We have not ruled that out, no.”

Dowden added that the popularity of Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus means changes to the UK’s broadcasting landscape are needed.

“I think there is a case for considering the best future operating model for Channel 4,” added Dowden.

“That will be one of the things we would consider in legislation in the next session. We would also look at video on demand and whether there are further reforms that need to be taking place there.”

Last year TVBEurope reported that the government has been looking at a “deep-pocketed investor” who would either invest in or buy Channel 4.