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Discuss your smart workflow with Primestream’s experts

On 10th September, Primestream’s expert team will be on hand all day in various times zones for a live virtual event demonstrating smart workflows for news production, M&E, live events, content creators and press

If you’re on the hunt for workflow innovations that will make your media operation smarter and more efficient, then Primestream’s virtual stand is the place to be for IBC2020. You’ll see live demos of smart workflows that integrate Primestream products with popular media-industry tools.

The event, which runs on 10th September from 9am to midnight CET, will feature four virtual “rooms,” highlighting smart workflows for your unique environment. You can book a meeting with a Primestream expert to discuss a solution for your given use case – or you can pop in and request a demonstration on the spot.

News Production.  If you’re in the business of creating news content you’re going to want to book this demo. Topics will include capturing live video feeds, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, control room playout, and Newsroom Control Systems integrated with Primestream.

Media and Entertainment.  Aimed at media companies of all kinds, presentations in this room will highlight the Primestream Xchange™ MAM and its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, operating in the AWS cloud or on-premises. The cloud-based implementation is ideal for remote productions that are the lifeblood of the media industry today. Upon request, Primestream experts will discuss how media operations can use Primestream’s Review Hub™ to collaborate with all stakeholders for speedy review and approvals.

Live Events.  Ideal for studios, sports broadcasters, houses of worship, and post houses responsible for broadcasting or streaming live events. This room will showcase Primestream’s 4K UHD Multicam ingest capabilities and integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Visitors can also find out more about Primestream Logger and how it can aid in distribution.

Content Creators.  Aimed at studios, post-production houses, and digital magazines, visitors to this room will learn about Primestream’s Creative Bridge, an add-on to the Xchange MAM that provides a simple media access point. Visitors will see integrations with Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, and Autodesk. Upon request, Primestream will also show Review Hub and/or the Xchange MAM’s project dashboard, Adobe Media Encoder, and Adobe Panel (with direct connections to Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign).

Besides the four demonstration rooms, Primestream will also host two other rooms — one to welcome the press and another for general requests and inquiries.

Visitors can reserve a meeting time with Primestream’s expert team by following the link below: