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“Delivering the right content at the wrong time can make it irrelevant”

MediaTech 360 panel discusses personalisation and the use of data to improve user experiences

Day two of MediaTech 360 has welcomed a panel on personalisation and the future of user experiences.

According to Christina Sarraille, senior strategist, We Are Social, it is sometimes difficult for agencies to own the data they require, and instead they rely on what the client provides them: “We need to look at data opportunities and discover the cultural setup around them so that we can turn it into exciting stories for brands,” she said.

But is there such thing as too much data? Matt Bryan, YouView’s head of data and insight, thinks not, “but there’s a fuzzy line about what’s OK on other platforms,” he said.

For Alvin Hussey, brand partnerships director, The Hook, the majority of collected data is focussed around comedy: “We try to put up as many original videos as possible so we can harness them and understand how they’re being received, because next week it might not be as popular as this week,” he told the panel.

“We’re focusing on original series formats for a number of platforms and are really using data to work out what we should put our time and effort into. It’s about this process of constant feedback and making it a core part of our business. Delivering the right content at the wrong time can make it irrelevant.”

Sarraille added that because the roles of the media and consumers have changed, people are engaged yet very critical: “Society is changing around them and if you don’t have that data you wont be enable to create something exciting and meaningful for them.

“If there’s a creative idea behind something and you really know your audience, you can tell a better story across all the platforms. Nowadays it’s not good enough to have a great idea; you need to understand how people are going to embrace this idea and have a reaction to it.”

Mic Conetta, head of CRM at Arsenal FC, agreed that data is the currency that really drives value for the business, and helps to build a proposition that is attractive to commercial partners: “It depends on demographic, and the younger generation are more aware of the value their data has,” he observed. “It’s going to be interesting to identify the balance between the generation who are fearful or wary of data harvesting, and the generation who really want to see something in return for their data.”