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Danny Boyle puts Indiecam in Trance

A high proportion of director Danny Boyle's latest movie Trance has been shot with the tiny IndiePOV camera, which now offers a 12-bit raw workflow.

A high proportion of director Danny Boyle’s latest movie Trance has been shot with the tiny IndiePOV camera, writes David Fox.

After testing a wide range of mini cameras, cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle chose the IndiePOV to work alongside the Arri Alexa. Both cameras are being recorded raw, something that is only now possible for the IndiePOV thanks to the release of a new Indiecam 12-bit raw workflow.

The IndiePOV, with lens, is smaller than most of the PL-mount lenses being used on the Alexa, and weighs just 180g, making it particularly useful for use in confined spaces or for shots from unusual angles. The 1080p 24/25/30 camera uses a 2/3-inch CMOS sensor and takes standard C-mount lenses (with a PL-mount option). It can also output 10-bit uncompressed 4:2:2. It has Genlock-Sync output and input through a second BNC connector, making it well suited for multi-camera-applications, particularly 3D as it offers a minimum interocular distance of just 4cm.

During tests for Trance and subsequent screenings at a Soho post house the IndiePOV passed the most rigorous colour grading tests, and is claimed to offer a seamless transition when intercut with shots from the Alexa.


Indiecam has released an InstantRaw-Player (indieIRP), which is a free download for Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher. Users can establish a simple 12-bit raw workflow, using an uncompressed recorder such as the low-cost Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle. Then use indieIRP for instant on-set review of the QuickTime files containing the raw footage, in real time directly from the SSDs or any backup media in full colour and with adjustable image properties (gamma, etc.), framerate, with full play, pause, fast-forward/rewind and frame-by-frame controls. It will also do QuickTime to CinemaDNG conversion.