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Comcast sees Sky as more than a satellite operator

Comcast's CFO says Sky is an "enabling technology"

Comcast’s CFO has said the company sees Sky as more than just a satellite operator.

Speaking at the Deutsche Bank Media & Telecom Conference, Michael Cavanagh said, “We don’t see it [Sky] as a satellite business, but much more as an enabling technology that, as they invest in new technology, there will be other ways for people to experience that video content.”

“We look at [Sky] being very distinct from what we see from some of the legacy satellite players in markets that we know,” said Cavanagh.

He pointed out the synergies betweens Sky Q box and Comcast’s X1 set-top box, and that Sky is a content aggregator that can be combined with broadband and mobile packages.

Comcast announced its £22 billion for Sky last week.