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“Cloud is about the shift from the tactical to the strategic”

MediaTech 360 looks at the impact of cloud on the media and entertainment industry

MediaTech 360 has kicked off with a discussion about cloud, looking at cost, collaboration and creativity.

According to marketing consultant Robert Ambrose: “Agility is the keyword when talking about cloud. A broadcaster’s move to cloud has to be done with eyes wide open or it can come with cost complications.”

The panel discussed whether companies looking for cloud solutions are driven more by creative needs or by the need for speed. Equinix’s Rory Murphy said he considers creative and performance go “hand in hand”.

Sundog Media Toolkit’s Saul Mahoney told the audience, “It depends on sector. Different content owners want different things, efficiency and scalability are big wins.”

“Cloud is offering new vendors,” explained Marina Kalkanis of M2A Media. “Broadcasters want to be able to explore opportunities as they arise. To me that’s one of the key points, it allows lots of vendors to collaborate.”

“It’s about the shift from the tactical to the strategic,” added Murphy.

The discussion moved on to what broadcasters need to be aware of as they move processes to the cloud.

“It shouldn’t be taken as a given that you can move software or application to the cloud and everything is going to be alright,” warned Mahoney. “You need to think strategically over the next five to 10 years as skills shift over. If a broadcaster is planning to grow globally do they need separate cloud platforms? There needs to be a serious integration now, to prepare for the future.”

According to Ambrose, companies need to have the right skills in their team and staff who can work in the cloud. Lots of different industries are looking to adopt cloud, and so the media and entertainment industry needs to “make sure we’re appealing to developers and cloud experts so that we get them coming into our industry.”

He added there are “many good reasons for adopting cloud, but not necessarily to save money.” He warned he had heard of “cases of people ‘forklifting’ legacy application into cloud and getting a huge bill afterwards.”

“Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it,” concluded Mahoney.