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Canal Plus faces damage claim from Eurosport

Eurosport seeks €10 million in compensation for pandemic-related programme alterations

Eurosport is seeking compensation from Canal Plus in a dispute over sport cancellations in 2020.

According to a report in Les Echos, Eurosport receives approximately €40 million a year from Canal Plus as part of a distribution agreement.

The pan-European sports network is now seeking €10 million from Canal Plus over unfair trading, after the Vivendi subsidiary failed to honour part of the terms of their distribution contract.

The Discovery subsidiary is aiming to recover unpaid sums, damages and interest due to changes to the Eurosport programme schedule, caused by sporting cancellations during the pandemic.

The case was initially brought to a Paris court in January and has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for early 2022.

Eurosport is the latest company to take legal action against Canal Plus in matters relating to the pandemic lockdown and sports rights.

In September, France Televisions and TF1 claimed over €40 million in compensation from Canal Plus after the channel aired free-to-view films in breach of France’s pay-TV window regulations.

Last year, Mediapro accused the broadcaster of “abusive and unfair practises” in the fight over French football rights.