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Arqiva to stop playout

Will not renew contracts with current customers

Arqiva has announced it plans to exit the playout business following an internal review of its Satellite & Media division.

The company said it will be “business as usual in the near future” but it will not renew existing contracts with broadcasters.

“We will gradually seek to exit playout and reposition our Occasional Use (OU) business, moving away from the uplink and distribution of events via satellite,” said Arqiva in a statement.

“We will continue to operate in the live events space as a managed service provider and will be focusing our efforts on services that ensure content acquisition, contribution and distribution (including OTT and VOD). More broadly we also see growth in our satellite data communications business.”

Arqiva said its key customers are already aware of its intentions.

It also stressed: “No roles have been placed at immediate risk of redundancy as a consequence of these changes.”