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Amazon, Netflix join forces to sue IPTV service, Set TV

Streamers file lawsuit alongside major film studios

Amazon, Netflix and a number of major US film studios have joined forces to bring a lawsuit against Set TV, a subscription IPTV service.

The companies claim Set TV “relies on third-party sources that illicitly reproduce copyrighted works and then provide streams of popular content such as movies still exclusively in theatres and television shows.”

“For the customers who use Setvnow, the service provides hallmarks of using authorised streaming services – a user-friendly interface and reliable access to popular content – but with a notable exception: the customers only pay money to Defendants, not to Plaintiffs and other content creators upon whose copyrighted works Defendants’ business depends,” the suit added.

The studios are asking for an injunction to stop the allegedly pirated material from streaming. The group also argues it is entitled to “$150,000 per work infringed by virtue of Defendants’ wilful, knowing, and material contribution to infringement.”