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Vodafone Spain launches eSports channel

Channel launches on Twitch this Friday

Vodafone Spain has announced it will launch a dedicated eSports channel on Amazon’s Twitch this Friday.

The channel, known as eSports Vodafone, will broadcast from 16:00 to 00:00 local time, featuring gaming news, entertainment and educational programming.

Among the channel’s planned programmes are Esports Academy, with tutorials and advice from eSports professionals, A.M.A (Ask Me Anything) where members of the public can ask questions at leading eSports figures; Domingamers, with four challengers competing in different games, and a talk-show-type magazine show.

According to Cristina Barbosa, brand director of Vodafone Spain, the company has spent “a year studying where the players are. All these people are looking for content at Twitch, which is their most important network and where they are most comfortable.”

“And if the thing works, do not rule out betting on a broader format, even making the leap to television,” Barbosa told El Mundo.