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VisualOn launches Adaptive NightVision to combat low-light video on mobile

Feature is generally available on Media Platform player

VisualOn Inc. has launched an Adaptive NightVision feature for its Media Platform player, enhancing low-light or dark scenes for mobile devices.

Following complaints over low visibility in Game of Thrones, the platform has made the feature generally available, giving subscribers the ability to select the viewing effects they want on any screen.

This combats the cinematography trend to shoot video with natural lighting, translating into a lack of contrast or brightness in certain scenes. These viewability issues become more pronounced on mobile screens.

VisualOn’s Adaptive NightVision is built on an advanced algorithm that analyses the video in real time for contrast, brightness, colour saturation and key metrics. Viewers can set their preferences through a simple slider in the Media Platform player.

“Something that looks great on a TV in a darkened room may not look good at all on a mobile phone in a coffee shop,” said Colin Dixon, chief analyst and founder, nScreenMedia. “The ability to adapt to a specific viewing environment is critical for service and content providers for every viewer to have a good experience. VisualOn’s solution is a great example of the type of player feature that viewers need to effectively compensate for mobile viewing conditions.”