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Virgin Media Television Ireland deploys Pixel Power for branding

StreamMaster BRAND can be deployed across both HD and SD feeds using a single workflow

Virgin Media Television Ireland, formerly TV3, is deploying Pixel Power’s StreamMaster BRAND across its design and transmission departments.

The branding and graphics playout platform can also automatically deal with schedule changes with the right graphics and branding, and offers users the ability to easily override the system with a simple user interface in a ‘breaking news’ situation.

The system comprises several instances of StreamMaster BRAND software running on COTS hardware, and manages content across multiple channels and formats and delivers the power of dynamic graphics engines to render the now/next/later promotions to drive efficiencies. It is also able to deliver separate HD and SD branded feeds using a single workflow.

“In an increasingly competitive market, our channel branding is paramount to retaining our status as the leading commercial broadcaster in Ireland,” said Niall Judge, head of transmission operations at Virgin Media Television. “Efficiently producing a greater variety of promotions gives our designers the creative freedom they deserve. Pixel Power is proven in graphics and proven in automation: they showed us how StreamMaster could deliver what we needed.”

James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power, added “This is a growing trend among broadcasters. They recognise that repeating the same few trailers is a turn-off for viewers, so they need to maximise their creative content. StreamMaster BRAND enables them to do this by selecting and inserting the right version for the right time and the right channel, managing the squeeze-backs, and allowing different content in the SD and HD streams.”