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TVU Networks introduces TVU One and partners with drone specialist DJI

TVU Networks has unveiled TVU One, its fifth generation live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter.

TVU Networks has unveiled TVU One, its fifth generation live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter. TVU One represents a tremendous leap forward in mobile newsgathering, delivering the same industry-leading transmission resiliency and performance, video picture quality and sub-second latency of a full-size backpack transmitter, but in a more than 90 per cent smaller and ultra lightweight form factor. With TVU One broadcasters can fully leverage the versatility that a small, lightweight IP video transmitter brings in the field without sacrificing performance, feature functionality or picture quality.

“As mobile IP newsgathering has become the norm, broadcasters demand that the transmission equipment become smaller and lighter without sacrificing performance or video quality. TVU One meets those demands and delivers a small, powerful solution that extends a broadcasters’ ability to capture and deliver live shots from more locations than ever before while maintaining the same powerful performance and rich feature set that has made TVUPack the industry standard for IP transmission from the field. With TVU One, the television broadcast industry no longer has to sacrifice performance for size,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

In related news, TVU Networks has partnered with drone manufacturer DJI on the release of the world’s first Aerial Newsgathering Pack, giving news organisations and professional video production crews the ability to transmit live full HD video to any broadcast facility or CDN.

The solution combines DJI’s Inspire 1 drone with TVU’s TVU One IP video transmitter to deliver a fully-integrated live transmission solution capable of delivering live video from practically any location. Both the TVU One transmitter and Inspire 1 drone fit in a portable pack for fast deployment.

This joint solution has already been used in the field, as TVU provided live mobile transmission capabilities to DJI during the launch event for the Phantom 3 drone series. During the event, Phantom 3 drones transmitted live aerial video from Santorini, Singapore and Hollywood to simultaneous live events being held in Munich, London and New York City using TVUPack transmitters and TVU Grid live IP video distribution solution.

“DJI is committed to providing the most powerful and flexible drone technology to customers, and we are excited to enter into a partnership with TVU Networks, the industry leader in IP video transmission technology. The ability for TVUPack to deliver live HD video from one of our drones to any broadcast production facility or CDN in the world with sub-second latency is astounding, and provides a powerful tool for DJI customers to integrate drones into their broadcast activities,” said Eric Cheng, general manager, DJI San Francisco.

“DJI is recognised as providing the industry standard in drone technology, and we are thrilled to enter into this partnership. By combining the best available drone technology with TVU’s proven, leading IP video transmission solutions, we are once again opening new possibilities for how broadcasters can deliver innovative live video to viewers from more locations than ever before,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

TVU booth SU3605 and DJI booth C1707