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Time spent online predicted to overtake TV viewing in 2018

New report suggests time spent online globally will overtake TV for the first time

Time spent online is predicted to overtake TV viewing for the first time globally according to a new report from GroupM.

The State of Digital Report tabulated time spent with each media format, globally, and calculated average time spent with media overall. 

It predicts that in 2018, consumers will spend an average 9.73 hours with media, up from 9.68 hours in 2017 (figures weighted by media investment). 

However the report also says time spent with online media will overtake time spent with linear TV for the first time, globally, in 2018. Online will have a 38 per cent share while TV will measure 37 per cent.

GroupM also looked at other key topics currently being debated within the media industry. It found that “scant evidence” for practical application of Blockchain but “ample development and scaled deployments” with Artificial Intelligence.