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Squadeo launches Widevine DRM for mobile, tablets, PC and Mac

French OTT multimedia software company Squadeo has announced the launch of its Widevine DRM service across mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs.

The company says the service will allow video service providers to simplify deployments by relying on “one single protocol, one single DRM and one single player” across all platforms for any Android, iOS or web application.

Squadeo says the new approach has a number of benefits:

– Ensure the same streaming experience and functionality across all connected screens
– Reuse existing backend and legacy contents
– Simplify video platform solutions deployment and maintenance
– Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) such as to (i) optimise edge cacheability resulting into minimising requests to the origin server, also decreasing the video playback start-up time, (ii) trade server cost into storage cost, (iii) minimise maintenance cost by reducing the engineering complexity and IOT risks.

“The combination of Squadeo player and cost-effective Widevine technology on smartphones, tablets, PC, Mac allows video service providers to deploy one single stream that will work in the same way across a variety of consumer devices, all in compliance with studio security requirements,” said Benoit Brieussel, director of sales and marketing at Squadeo.