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In space, no-one can hear you stream

NASA is set to stream the first live 4K video from space at NAB 2017

NASA is set to stream the first live 4K video from space at NAB 2017.

It will take place during a ‘super session’ at NAB entitled ‘Reaching for the stars: Connecting to the future with NASA and Hollywood’ will take place at 10:30am on 26th April at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

The panel is co-produced by the NAB Show, NASA, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and will explore how advanced imaging and cloud technologies are taking scientific research and filmmaking to the next level. The live feed from 250 miles above Earth will be encoded AWS Elemental encoding software on board the International Space Station (ISS) and on the ground at Johnson Space Center.

During the session, a live 4K stream will enable NASA astronaut Dr Peggy Whitson (pictured) on the ISS to converse with AWS Elemental CEO and co-founder Sam Blackman, who will be at the LVCC.

In conjunction with the live 4K streaming event, NASA astronaut Dr Tracy Caldwell Dyson and imagery experts programme manager Rodney Grubbs will take part in an LVCC-based panel discussion, featuring Hollywood and technology leaders including Bernadette McDaid, head of development, VR & AR, Bau Entertainment; Khawaja Shams, vice president of engineering for AWS Elemental; and Dr Dave McQueeney, senior principal investigator, IBM Watson Group.

The panel will be moderated by Carolyn Giardina, technology editor for the Hollywood Reporter.

The entire event will be available to the public for multiscreen viewing in live 4K and down-converted high definition video. A VoD asset will be available after the event in lower resolutions on the NASA TV channel and in both HD and 4K.