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PVoD will launch ‘within a year’

Some kind of PVoD offering expected to be available to consumers “within 12 months”

Premium Video on Demand (PVoD) will launch to consumers within a year according to the vice chairman of Lionsgate.

Speaking at a conference in New York, Michael Burns said he expects some kind of PVoD offering will be available to consumers “within 12 months” once details such as pricing and the length of time between a film’s theatrical debut and the early home entertainment offering are hammered out.

PVoD is expected to give consumers much earlier access to film releases, such as current box-office topper IT (pictured), than the current 90-day window between theatrical and home releases. Burns predicted the window will be shortened to 17 days — giving exhibitors three weekends to show movies without competition.

Burns also predicted that Disney may opt against participating at all, while Lionsgate will probably wait until the five other major studios work out the specific terms and then get involved.

In terms of how much watching a movie at home will cost the consumer, Burns said the previously mooted $50 price point would be perceived by consumers as being too expensive. “Fifty dollars is way too much,” he said.