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Ofcom “considering” Conservatives’ complaint against Channel 4

Conservative Party has complained Channel 4 has broken its duty to be impartial

A spokesman for Ofcom has told TVBEurope the regulator is “considering” the complaint made by the Conservative Party over last night’s Channel 4 debate.

The spokesman said Ofcom would not be making any further comment on the matter.

The Conservative Party is unhappy that Channel 4 chose to put an ice sculpture in place of Boris Johnson when he failed to attend the debate. Michael Gove offered to take his place, but Channel 4 said the debate was for party leaders only.

It has since written to Ofcom to complain that Channel 4 had broken its duty to be impartial, citing other alleged examples of bias. It said Channel 4 News staged a “provocative partisan stunt, which would itself constitute making a political opinion in its own right” by substituting the PM with an ice sculpture.

Conservative sources went on to brief some journalists that “if we are re-elected we will have to review Channel 4’s Public Services Broadcasting obligations.”