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New streamers ‘could drive up piracy’

Amount of viewers watching content illegally could double according to research

The ongoing fragmentation fo the UK SVoD market could lead to a rise in consumers using illegal means to watch content.

According to a report by Broadband Genie, as consumers become increasingly frustrated with the growing number of subscription services, the number of viewers using illegal means to watch TV and films could double.

The firm’s survey of UK streaming users to find that almost a fifth (18 per cent) admitted to accessing TV shows and movies using unauthorised streaming or file sharing sites. However, that number could increase to 37 per cent if the market continues to fragment into different services.

If consumers wish to continue watching their favourite content as well as new shows and films, they face having to sign up for a growing number of subscription services. However, Broadband Genie’s survey found that over two thirds (67 per cent) of consumers already feel like they’re paying too much.

The survey found that most people currently pay up to £15 a month for streaming services but they would prefer to spend a maximum of £10.

Respondents said that the biggest issue with streaming is cost but they also expressed frustration with finding where to watch particular shows or movies and with the need to use different apps.