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Netflix has ‘most loyal’ SVoD customers

Figures show over 80 per cent of users don't subscribe to second service

Netflix users are the most loyal of any SVoD platform in the US, according to data from analysts Second Measure.

However, the figures do not include Amazon Prime.

Second Measure’s data shows 80 per cent of Netflix users don’t pay for a second SVoD service, whereas 62 per cent of Hulu users do.

The figures also reveal one in four people in the US subscribe to Netflix compared to one in 14 who use Hulu.

Second Measure’s research also showed that Hulu had a huge spike in new customers in April as with an 80 per cent increase in new viewers after the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale. However, Netflix is also ahead of the streamer in retaining its customers.

Second Measure said Amazon Prime results were not included in its research as it was unable to determine whether users had signed up specifically for the VoD service or were using it as a perk of their subscription to Prime.