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LG to unveil latest smart TV at CES 2016

LG will unveil its webOS 3.0 smart TV at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in January

LG will unveil its webOS 3.0 smart TV at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in January.

The new system introduces Channel Plus, providing a wide range of OTT content through a unified channel list, which combines OTT content with broadcast TV channels. The new feature can also be controlled with an app to provide programme recommendations via on-screen widgets.

“We are excited about webOS 3.0, a major update since this advanced TV platform technology was first introduced in 2014,” said Brian Kwon, president and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

LG webOS 3.0 has three smart features – magic zoom, magic mobile connection and an upgraded magic remote. The zoom enables users to magnify objects and letters, without degrading the picture quality. Magic mobile connection allows users to connect to mobile apps on the TV screen. The upgraded remote has added several new buttons, as well as a total redesign to simplify the interface.

“The webOS story of Simple Connection, Simple Switching and Simple Discovery has really connected with customers and illustrates very clearly our commitment to securing a leadership role in the smart TV market with innovation and creativity,” added Kwon.