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Insight TV launches 4K UHD in Iceland

Channel launches on Siminn's UHD IPTV service

Insight TV has signed a distribution deal with Iceland telecommunications company Siminn.

The deal sees Siminn launch Insight TV’s 4K UHD channel on its UHD IPTV service, Síminn Sjónvarp. Iceland has the largest IPTV penetration rate in Europe (68 per cent) and Insight is the first UHD channel that Siminn has launched.

For subscribers that don’t yet have access to a UHD screen, the channel will also be available in HD.

“Insight TV is making major steps in the 4K UHD world and we’re very happy to partner with them to provide our subscribers with a wide range of exciting UHD content,” said Palmi Gudmundsson, EVP programming, Siminn.

Graeme Stanley, commercial director, Insight TV, added: “Working with distribution partners like Siminn provides even greater global reach. The contract gives us the opportunity to reach more viewers in Iceland providing them with the best picture quality and with creative content based on global trending topics and social influencers.”